Hey ladies! Long time no post, but I promise I haven’t abandoned!

I signed up for a monthly gym membership today and worked out today for an hour for a start. I am very excited to work out, not only to reach my goal, but to know that I will be actually productive in my day. It’s better than laying around at home and watching netflix right?

The questions for you ladies are:
– Do you workout everyday or every other day?
– If you do, would you help this poor girl (me) and tell me what your diet plans are?!

It seems to me that working out isn’t the hard part; what the hard part really is for me is eating healthier! Many many many times I got on a healthy “diet”, but it has never lasted to long because I sometimes reach for sweets and from there my cheat day turns into cheat week!

How can one take the time to eat healthy if there is no time?!

The point is… I need help