What a fun day so far! I just came home from sephora and I just couldn’t wait to write a post and share my purchases with all of you. So, if you read my last post, I have mentioned that sephora opened up in Brooklyn. How exciting!

My friend and I left the house at 5:30 a.m thinking there will be no line there, but when we got there… The line was growing faster and faster! We rushed to get in line because we wanted to be within 100 people so we can get a free gift card! Thankfully, we were within the 100 haha. We stayed in line for about two hours or so, but it was totally worth it once we got inside. Everything was so new and not one makeup product was swatched and it was plain fabulous. The music is playing, the workers were giving out free coffee… The vibe of the place was just great. My intentions of going there was to pick up the Lorac pro palette, but that sephora didn’t carry it and I didn’t mind at all. So, enough blabbering irina! Let’s get to the good part:

With many things to choose from, I decided to go with these specific products:


The first thing I picked up was the Benefits’s gimme brow in light/medium . I heard this from Macbarbie07 and I was quite curious about it. Here’s a pic:
– It works very well at shaping them and it gives you an evenly distributed color. I do have to say that my eyebrows do get a little crunchy…. But I don’t mind that at all. I see it as: if its crunchy…then I know my eyebrows aren’t going to be going in different directions. This product is 22$… Pricey for such a small thing but totally worth it.

Ok, now lets get to the real fun part:
I purchased the obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar. These are soooooo awesome! They are highly pigmented. Here are the swatches:

photo 5

colors from left to right: Memento, NSFW, anime, black dahlia

Aren’t they beautiful?!

This is how it looks on:








black dahlia

The best part about these lip products is that you can mix your lip tars together and make an endless amount of colors…and that’s what makes it worth it! I did although find two things I didn’t like about this which is it’s matte and will make your lips a little dry especially NSFW and Anime. I recommend not eating with it on like I did because it will end up being smudged everywhere in the corners of your mouth. Make sure to remove the lip tars carefully, these stain your skin! …unless you like that lol

I hope you enjoyed! P.S. if you live in NYC or Brooklyn area, they are still having the same event tomorrow at 9 a.m! They will give out more gift cards to the first 100 people!