I feel like I have abandoned you for quite a while, but it’s not my fault college is occupying! I’m glad to say that I actually have the time today to blog finally. I just came from the greatest place on earth – TARGET!! As many of you already know, target has nyx products and I can’t just let that opportunity to fly right on by. So, here is my mini haul I would like to share:

– First things first, I want to get the random stuff out of the way. I bought the Puffs tissues. They are so useful when applying makeup. You can find so many uses out of it instead of just blowing your nose (Duh!)
– Second, Fall is finally here and I can’t even contain myself how excited I am. So, to enhance the feeling of the fall time… Of course I had to buy a fall scent candle! It smells SO GOOD! Next time your in target or any store which has this brand, go take a whiff of it, but hurry its limited edition!

Now let’s get into the nyx products!!! There was a decent amount of selection to choose from ranging from eyeshadows, concealers, lip products, primers, but what stood out to me the most was the eyeshadow palette, blush, and the jumbo pencil. First thing I automatically grabbed was the blush:

– Not a huge selection of colors in my nearest target. There was only about 4 or 5 colors to choose from, but this color is the one that stood out to me more. The color is in Rose Garden and it’s a peachy pink with very tiny gold flecks in it. Not a very fall color I must admit but I couldn’t resist leaving their blush behind. Here is the swatch:

– Next, I picked out a jumbo eye pencil since I’m a huge fan of their Milk . That sounded weird haha “I’m a huge fan of their milk” Anyways, I decided to try it in the color Iced Mocha. Here is the swatch:

– It should be a beautiful lid color I would think. But sad to say, I don’t think it’s long lasting since I’m looking at the swatch right now on my hand and it’s already fading away. 😦 It’s ok- nothing primer can’t fix!

Lastly, I picked out the NYX Love in Paris eyeshadow palette in the color Parisian Chic.

– I haven’t swatched them yet because I want to make that a new post on only this. But looking at the colors from the palette, it looks like a convenient palette to have.

I hope you enjoyed reading for as much as I enjoyed writing. See you next time on my next post (whenever that will be) If you can, write in the comments what’s your favorite NYX products and/or what your favorite fall candle scent is! Can’t wait to read

XOXO Irina