Hi guys! I’m back from vacation and it’s time to get back on that bandwagon. I will be posting a couple of things that I wanted while I was away, so let’s get started!
This post is a first impression of the Loreal Go 360
I’m always checkin out daily face washes and this was the one that stood out. I was very curious about the scrublet that it came with and I’m such a sucker for those type of things!
When you get a new product what do you do? You automatically put your nose to it and smell it right? Well at least I do haha. I’m not to crazy about the smell of this cleanser but I can deal with it. It smells kind of floral (eh not my favorite scent) and it also reminds me of Ponds cold cream.

I wasn’t really sure how to use the product. There was absolutely no directions in the back and I’m the kind of person who reads the directions even if it’s basically self explanatory.

So, I wet my scrublet and squirted the product onto it and started scrubbing away. The scrublet is flimsy because its rubber and very slippery when it’s in your hands. I tried every way possible to hold onto that thing! How I understood how to hold it is to place it between your index and middle finger and that didn’t work at all! So, I grabbed it with my thumb and index. Although it did have a bit more grip… It still didn’t do any justice for me! The scrublet was the most exciting thing for me to try and it disappointed me 😦 my luck.
The actual product itself is nice. It lathers very well with the scrublet and it tingled when I scrubbed. It felt like I was putting toothpaste on my face. And with that said, there was no doubt in my mind that this product will dry my face out.
… I was correct! It did a tiny bit dry my face out but I’m totally fine with that because that’s what lotion is for right?

Overall, I think the actual product itself is good and will continue using it but I really wish that Loreal thought of a better scrublet. I wish it had more grip on it and wish that it exfoliated more.

p.s. I’m at work right now!! Hahaha I think I should really get back to it

See you guys on my next post!