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Hey ladies! Long time no post, but I promise I haven’t abandoned!

I signed up for a monthly gym membership today and worked out today for an hour for a start. I am very excited to work out, not only to reach my goal, but to know that I will be actually productive in my day. It’s better than laying around at home and watching netflix right?

The questions for you ladies are:
– Do you workout everyday or every other day?
– If you do, would you help this poor girl (me) and tell me what your diet plans are?!

It seems to me that working out isn’t the hard part; what the hard part really is for me is eating healthier! Many many many times I got on a healthy “diet”, but it has never lasted to long because I sometimes reach for sweets and from there my cheat day turns into cheat week!

How can one take the time to eat healthy if there is no time?!

The point is… I need help


Friday’s makeup



Wake up for Makeup

What a fun day so far! I just came home from sephora and I just couldn’t wait to write a post and share my purchases with all of you. So, if you read my last post, I have mentioned that sephora opened up in Brooklyn. How exciting!

My friend and I left the house at 5:30 a.m thinking there will be no line there, but when we got there… The line was growing faster and faster! We rushed to get in line because we wanted to be within 100 people so we can get a free gift card! Thankfully, we were within the 100 haha. We stayed in line for about two hours or so, but it was totally worth it once we got inside. Everything was so new and not one makeup product was swatched and it was plain fabulous. The music is playing, the workers were giving out free coffee… The vibe of the place was just great. My intentions of going there was to pick up the Lorac pro palette, but that sephora didn’t carry it and I didn’t mind at all. So, enough blabbering irina! Let’s get to the good part:

With many things to choose from, I decided to go with these specific products:


The first thing I picked up was the Benefits’s gimme brow in light/medium . I heard this from Macbarbie07 and I was quite curious about it. Here’s a pic:
– It works very well at shaping them and it gives you an evenly distributed color. I do have to say that my eyebrows do get a little crunchy…. But I don’t mind that at all. I see it as: if its crunchy…then I know my eyebrows aren’t going to be going in different directions. This product is 22$… Pricey for such a small thing but totally worth it.

Ok, now lets get to the real fun part:
I purchased the obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar. These are soooooo awesome! They are highly pigmented. Here are the swatches:

photo 5

colors from left to right: Memento, NSFW, anime, black dahlia

Aren’t they beautiful?!

This is how it looks on:








black dahlia

The best part about these lip products is that you can mix your lip tars together and make an endless amount of colors…and that’s what makes it worth it! I did although find two things I didn’t like about this which is it’s matte and will make your lips a little dry especially NSFW and Anime. I recommend not eating with it on like I did because it will end up being smudged everywhere in the corners of your mouth. Make sure to remove the lip tars carefully, these stain your skin! …unless you like that lol

I hope you enjoyed! P.S. if you live in NYC or Brooklyn area, they are still having the same event tomorrow at 9 a.m! They will give out more gift cards to the first 100 people!

Excited news!


Where are all my Brooklynites!!!!

I am so excited for tomorrow’s event! Sephora is finally opening in Brooklyn! Woohoo! The first 100 person in line gets a free gift card… How amazing is that?!?

Products I’ve Used Up!

Don’t you just get so excited when you finally used up a product?? I know I do! I don’t know about you, but I love watching empties video on YouTube, so I decided to share with you all the products I used up these last two months.

So, I guess I’ll just start from left to right:
Garnier Fructis triple nutrition shampoo and conditioner
I feel that this shampoo and conditioner just does not do wonders for my hair. I’m not saying it’s a bad product, but if you have oily hair, I do not recommend this product. The shampoo and conditioner already has oils in it to repair your dry and damaged hair.

Garnier Fructis pure clean
Now this shampoo and conditioner I like! (Even though conditioner is not shown in the photo) Since I do have very oily hair, this shampoo strips the oils to a minimum. My hair usually looks oily on the second day, but with this shampoo, I think I can hold my hair for a few extra days without looking like an oily grease ball.
Quick fact: did you know it’s not good to wash your hair everyday? It completely strips your hair of those natural oils; resulting to very dry hair.

Makeup removing wipes
As you can see , I love my wipes! I’ve spent months and months trying new makeup removing wipes and I finally found the perfect match for my skin. Both the simple brand and aveeno brand are so gentle on my skin and wipes all my makeup completely. They have a very fresh and pleasant smell. They didn’t irritate my eyes or face like the other brands I have tried. I will forever and always repurchase these two!

Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful!
OMG I love this stuff! I thought I was going to hate it and never was going to use it, but all changed when I brought this with me when I went on vacation. I usually stay away from sweet smelling products like this one, but when I get out of the shower, the smell that lingers smells heavenly! It’s also very moisturizing on my skin and didn’t dry me out one bit! The really great thing about it is it triples as a shampoo, body wash and bubble bath!

Elizabeth Arden
My mom’s and mine personal favorite. Although I do very much love my convenient makeup wipes, this makeup remover is equally very good. It’s a pretty pricey product but it really gets all the makeup off.

Neutrogena acne wash
I used to love this product but now I really hate it. A while ago, I went through this weird skin problem. I have no idea what it was but it was really driving me nuts! Out of no where, I had these tiny red bumps around my mouth and eyes and it was quite noticeable, so that’s when I bought this. At first, it worked very well and cleared up my redness and bumps so I just stopped using it and just forgot about it…until I decided to use it again even if my skin didn’t have a problem. This is the part where I start hating it…. It gave me a skin reaction! I started becoming all red and blotchy everywhere!! Ugh whatever , I’m just glad I’m Finally done with this product.

This perfume is the Victoria’s Secret chiffon peony freesia. It’s AMAZING. I wish you all can have a chance to smell it but unfortunately it’s discontinued! Who can ever just discontinue a wonderful product like this?! This smells so great; floral and so romantic. I’m so glad I found this perfume on eBay; I have to stock up on more!

Batiste dry shampoo
Have you ever had a product you always repurchase? Well this is one them. I love this dry shampoo so so soo much! I actually think I can’t live without it! Yeah…it’s that good! I’ve tried a couple of dry shampoos even the pricier ones but none of them beat this baby right here. The smell is awesome but the most important… It works great! It doesn’t leave that white powder on your hair and absorbs the oil fast. I already repurchased this and will continue on doing that forever.

Whoa! What a surprise

I just came home loves..How is it possible that I didn’t buy anything from M.A.C?!? That must be some kind of miracle!

Also, I need a little bit of advice…
So, I know I must be the last person to get the lorac pro palette, but before purchasing, I’d really want to hear opinions on it. Do you like it? Is it worth it? Does it have fall out? For some odd reason, every damn time I go to sephora or ulta, I always get distracted by other things and forget to swatch and play around with the lorac palette. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME

I really like my naked 2 palette, but the fall out just kills me! I really hope lorac doesn’t do that. 😕

Quote of the day

Not beauty/makeup related but I just love this quote so much!


Write down in the comments what’s your current favorite quote! I love reading them 🙂

Outfit of the Day

Picture taken earlier today…had to post something for all my lovely followers whom I love so much ❤️

Steal this look:
undershirt from aerie American eagle
Grey sweater by Hot & Delicious
Blue jeans by rag & bone
Leather jacket
Black sneaker wedges from Steve Madden
fake chanel bag haha … Whoever made this bag knew what they were doing.. I kid you not, the stitching are evenly perfect, the logos are correct, and it even has a serial number! But yes, yes it’s a fake 🙂


I found a dupe to show you ladies! While I was swatching eyeshadows for my last post, I realized that I have another eyeshadow that looks pretty similar to this one. I just wanted to show you quickly for a chance to save you some money 🙂

The NYX eyeshadow is from the Love in Paris palette.

I am not saying that it’s a perfect match but it is similar to each other! The Too faced eyeshadow is more Pink than NYX. My point is, you can get away with it; hardly any difference.

NYX Palette is $9.99
Too Faced Naked Eye Palette $36.00

NYX love in Paris [First impression/ Swatches]

As promised, I will be showing you the NYX love in Paris eyeshadow palette that I have purchased recently from target. I have not used this yet nor have I swatched it before.


Jeez, I am bad at swatching!

Ok, so how do I feel about the palette?
– Hm… I think it’s a OK palette. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I don’t hate it. I feel that this palette is a good palette to have when traveling when you don’t want to bring your high end palettes and have a risk of them breaking in your luggage.
– The colors are nice, but I wish they were more pigmented.
– Even though this palette isn’t bad, the eyeshadows can be a bit chalky- especially the white color.
– My favorite colors are all three colors in the middle row.

I purchased this palette for $9.99
Overall rating: 8/10
points decreased mostly from pigmentation and the slight chalkiness

Hope that helped just a bit!
XOXO Irina